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GUI alignment swing

I am developing a urcap for the cb3 series.

I want to be able to test the swing code that I write before deploying on the simulator or robot.

My problem is that Universal Robot alters the implementation of the code I write.

An example
Left is the view put into a Frame and show.
Right is the UR3 simulator

The implementation is very different.

My question:
Is there any way to replica the implementation that is used of CB and E respectively?
Is there any way to change the implementation made by Universal Robot


I am really struggling to make good and fast UI with this problem

This is down to something known as the LookAndFeel. A java application has behind it a LookAndFeel class which determines how objects appear on the user interface. To mimic how object appear on a robot in a separate application, you would need to find a version of the polyscope lookandfeel, which you can set as the active LookAndFeel. I’m afraid I dont know if this is something which is availble to URCap developers. I am not sure where you would be able to get hold of this file unfortunately however.