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Java Tutorial for UR Caps

Hello everyone, I already saw the entire Getting Started video series, and managed to create some programs. My problem is that I only have experience with C++, never saw java before.
I’m having difficulties aligning objects, labels + input fields in the same line, understanding the listener events, storing values in internal UR variables, etc…
I would like to know if someone have any recommendation about courses, tutorials or even a pack of different UR Caps source code, to study different applications and get familiar with the Java Swing inside the UR.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you.


When you download the starter package it comes with some example URCap’s, I would start there.


Yes, I did that already, it helped a lot.

The only thing that I’m not managing to do yet, is to pass the value of an int variable in Java to the variables in UR, because I’ll need to get that values later via Ethernet/IP, so I need that in the UR local variable.

Does anyone can explain me or point to a place where I can find that?

I didn’t find an example of it.

Thank you very much.

Did you read this?


“Only the existence of the variable is known in the PolyScope/URCap domain.
The variables value is only certain to be known in URScript, when the program is running.”

In this case, as I can see, he is trying to read an installation value, I need to write a value in a installation variable. But as Jacob stated, I can only managed to that via URscript?