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Using Variable value in Java

Hi everyone,

We want to develop a basic cycle counter, and display the value of the counter on a specific page.

I have read the PDF manual “working with variable”, and i have used the cycleCounter sample but i don’t know how to display the variable value on a label. How can i get it ?
With a popup it is ok, but i don’t want to use it.

Thank for your help.

The Variable value is not directly gettable by the URCap, since this is happening inside the URControl process, which executed the URScript.
And since the URCap is in PolyScope, these does not communicate directly.
You can find more information on the domains here:
UR Software Architecture

To get the value of the variable, you may want to use a TCP socket or an XML-RPC call, to send the updated variable value to a daemon, that relays this to the UI of the URCap.

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Does this mean that i cannot get fixed waypoint pose data into the urcap contributor for calculating new posedata for my script writer?

For a fixed waypoint, you should be able to get it’s pose;

But for URScript variables, this should probably happen at runtime in URScript.

The Reason i would like Do math for pose data for the scriptwriter in the cap was to copyprotect the alghortihms? Is there a better solution for this?

Mvh Jonathan Skov
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