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Is it possible to insert a node outside my URCap node? Alternatives

In this post Is it possible to make the URCap Node "NonUserInsertable" after inserting it once? there was this quote:

Hi @jbm ! Since this post, has been any news regarding the matter? I mean, is it possible to insert a node outside my URCap node? Even I it means to use some crazy twisted code magic… I need to do it, no matter how. So I need to know any possible altenative.

And, in case is not possible. Is there a way to wrap transparently ALL the program inside an URCap node of mine?

Thank you!! And regards!

hm. You might wanna dive deep into the BundleActivator Framework to achieve this.
What did work for me a year ago was to simply count the instances of the ProgramNodeContribution and make it a singleton on runtime which ofc doesn’t let the URCaps Button disappear but keeps the user from inserting another instance

Thank you @m.birkholz, I see my post was unclear, so I have edited a little. Sorry.

I just meant to quote a line from the post above. What I need is to be able to insert nodes outside my URCap node.

Even more:

  • To know which node is selected in the tree by the user
  • To be able to add a node there (after or before selection, following user configuration)
  • To be able to configure the selected node. For example, if user selects a native waypoint node, I want to be able to set the pose at the push of a physical button.

Thank you for your help!