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Html string not functioning for version 3.13

I had a html string on the Robot Program tree. For version 3.10 the command worked flawlessly. However, I updated my UR to the new 3.13 version and now the html string is not functioning. Instead of the UR taking the command as a HTML input string, the UR is taking as a string. for example:

“<html> mystring " +myAcceleration()+ " mm/s<sup>2</sup>”

it should look like :

" mystring 20 mm/s2"

but instead I have :
“<html> mystring 20 mm/s<sup>2</sup>”

Was this feature removed on the new version?

Yes, that is intended behavior.

Is there any reason why the html string function was deprecated?

Was the html string function removed anywhere else?

Is there a new way to set a upper case letter on the UR?

For me the format mm/s^2 doesnt look as nice as mm/s2 .

The functionality was removed to improve performance. You should be able declare the String like this:
String nodeName = “my string 20 mm/s²”

I’m not sure if I follow. How did you declare the uppercase without the html <sup> command?

maybe you could use: &sup2; or &#178;