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Bug when trying to store string with #

When adding anything after this sign (#), the string won’t be stored in the model after i revisit the node, like shown in the picture. Code is below:
After revisiting the node

public void onChangeInputCommand(InputEvent event)
    if(event.getEventType() == InputEvent.EventType.ON_CHANGE)
public void openView() {
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I can confirm this.
I would use this workaround:
before storing the value in the model, replace "#" by something like this: "&hashmark;" and vice versa in the openView before filling the textfield.
Maybe other characters are also affected. Anyone @DevelopmentSupport?

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some thoughts later:
# is used as comment start in urscript.
textmsg ("#") gives an error, while textmsg (".#") works.
-> issue when using # without non white space character before it.

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