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HTML Problem occurs

I get an error with my programnode.html file. I “checked” it by opening it with firefox, but URSim doesn’t work.

Do I have to define all “variables” from the html file in the java code?
I just have the get and set method for the direction input, the other ones are not complete yet. Could that be the issue?

programnode.zip (812 Bytes)



In your html code are multiple errors. I would try to remove one thing by another, until it works. Also have a look at appendix A in the URCap-manual.
Not everything is allowed in URCap. At first glance I see <form> not as a child of <body>. Also<button>, which isn’t supported. (and some more errors (hint: nesting level of <h3> and <h4> and its children).

BTW: typo: Standart:wink:

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I had similar issues when using unsupported CSS styling. Once I followed the API docs everything worked.

hi where can i find the API doc you have mention here ?

@wuhanguang check this post Download URCaps SDK. Download the SDK; you will find a PDF file inside the doc folder called urcap_tutorial. The allowed HTML tags are specified there.


Thanks , i have already found it ! :smiley::smiley::smiley: