Inconsistency with '+' operator to concatenate strings

Has anyone seen issues with the ‘+’ operator used to concatenate strings? We found that we are getting inconsistent results after approximately 65,000 calls to the plus operator in a single program.

i.e. s = "hello "+“world”. generally results in the string “hello world” being stored in s, but if you try to do this enough times, it gets something else entirely. (we first saw this issue running our program in regular operation for extended periods, not just in test code)

here is the test program.

and the output if you run it in a loop.

(the actual string is blocked out because it leaked some adjacent data, but you can see the length)

we’ve replicated this on both CB3 and e-Series robot

there appears to be a workaround… using str_cat() instead of ‘+’ to concatenate strings works perfectly and the program seems to runs indefinitel, but it seems like this is a major bug in the script interpreter.