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How to shorten robot cable


Our product integrates UR5e and we want to reduce product size. But the robot cable is too long. I find the cable is directly coming out of robot arm base, which is different from what service and user manuals describe.

The serial number of the robot is 20205500106 and it doesn’t have Base Flange Cable.

In another way, is it technically possible to cut off the existing cable and reconnect the connector?


Since September 2020 the eSeries Robots are shipped with the base connector as shown in the image you attached.
It is not possible to shorten the existing cable. Under the following link you can find our cable options: Universal Robots - e-Series Cable Options


You could replace your base with the newer type that has the pigtail cable built-in. However, to do this on your own you really need to have the right tools to torque all the screws back to the proper values. I would recommend returning the robot to an authorized UR service center and having them do that. If you are working with a local distributor they might be able to assist with this and/or have the right tools.