End-Effector 1M away from Flange

We’re developing an application where the end-effector will be 1M from the robot. We’ve confirmed the payload will be within the CG band at all times.

  1. Has anyone used the robot in this way, and run into any issues they would be willing to share?

  2. Does anyone know of a wrist M8 extension cable? I think I need an M8, 8-Pole extension Male->Female cable? I can make my own, but I’m surprised it’s not a standard from Lumberg or Beldon or someone like that.

Not sure what end-effector we’ll be using yet, but will need a cable to preferably connect to the wrist.

Edit: Is this the proper patchset? Phoenix Contact - 1404200 - Cable assembly; Female;M8 male;round;Unshielded;9.84ft;3.00m;8-position - Allied Electronics & Automation

Seems like an interesting application, I have not used an end-effector with long flange. I would make sure your payload, CoG, and TCP are configured properly. As for moving relative to the TCP be careful if the TCP is far from the final wrist as the robot will quickly accelerate and jerk to keep constant speed when moving about the TCP.

I’d probably look for oscillations when moving a long object too, might have to mess with accelerations and maybe use isSteady() URscript to check if robot is completely still.

Also I’ve been trying to find M8 cables as well for the end-effector but have had little success (was hoping I could find something similar on McMaster-Carr but haven’t seen or found one yet)

Idk what you’re doing, but sounds interesting and now I want to mount a broom on mine and have it clean the lab and shut-off the lights at the end of the day!

Anyways, best of luck!


You can use a Lumberg RKMV 8-354 cable to connect devices to the tool port. This cable is listed (but not so obviously) in the user manual under section 6.8 Tool I/O.

As for the extended EOAT package, the COG tables in our manuals don’t exceed 800mm. It’s not impossible, but there are a number of factors that need to be considered. I would recommend discussing this further with your distributor.

You can also reach out to me directly at miwa@universal-robots.com