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Purchase tool connector


The UR5 robot has a tool connector on its toolflange. But I have a hard time finding a mating connector. An American company is listed as a reference, but buying it here in The Netherlands is troublesome. Does anyone have an adress / website / company name where I can purchase these mating connectors? I prefer Farnell, mouser EU or rs-online…

Or if you have a spare mating connector and are willing to sell :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Max van Rooij
van Rooij E.D.S.E


The Tool cable is available for purchase from a UR distributor.
It has part number 173101 ( Cable for tool external )

You can also purchase the cable with connector from Phoenix Contact, P/N 1404193.

I contacted a local supplier, Olmia Robotics, which carry the cables in stock. But they did mention the P/N was not correct… Anyway, I have one, thank you!


The Phoenix Contact cable checks out, too.