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Cable Grommet Plug

We are mounting our UR5e with the cable run through a hole in the table instead of out the back of the robot. I have been unsuccessfully looking for a plug that will fit where the grommet goes though the base. Has anybody else found a commercially available plug or am I making one myself?

Guessing the filled plug that comes with the robot for this purpose went missing? Still have the box around?

Might find something using the selector on here:

Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me. I had in fact missed that the plug stuffed into the top of the key was for the base. I kept the plug from the most recent arm, but the plug from the arm that is a few months old is AWOL. Unfortunately, McMaster and Grainger turned up nothing. I can still modify a plug to fit, but am OEM one would be nice.

Maybe this link is helpfull:


Contact your local UR distributor - maybe they can get one for you. :slight_smile: Or have one lying around.

If you’re in Denmark, let me know, and I should be able to arrange having one shipped to you.