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UR10e cable length

Hi there!
We are working with an application with an UR10e. In the application, the robot controller needs to be at a distance of 15 meters from the UR10e. The cable that comes with the UR10e has a length of 6 meters. Is it possible to create a customized cable with a length of 15 meters? Which is the communication protocol used between the controller and the UR10e?

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did you received any reply ? I am interested also : I have a similar problem. See topic UR5E pass through connector for teach pendant
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Boris Bocquet

Hi b.bocquet

No, I didn’t receive any reply. Sadly.
I suppose it is not a very good practice, but you can check this post in the Robotiq DOF forum: https://dof.robotiq.com/discussion/comment/5405#Comment_5405

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The protocol is proprietary. The warranty will break if you extend the cable by your self and it is very likely to fail!

There are many request in this direction. So we are looking into the possible solutions.

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@Ebbe we are also getting many requests to extend the Robot or Teach Pendant Cable. Optional extension Kits that won’t break any warranties would be great :slight_smile:

Nice post. But this is NOT for E-series (we use a UR5E in our case).
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30 cm of extra length worked for my project. We never experienced troubles so far (after maybe > 150 hours of use). Would be good anyhow if UR proposes dedicated / validated / plug and play solutions.