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How to Set Waypoint with DI_1

Hi im new to the whole UR community and want to know if there is an easy way to teach the UR10e to save a waypoint with just a push of a button and the add more after that to get a whole program out of it.

Kindly Regards G

Hi @gustav.flod ,

If you want a ready device to use, you could refer to this product which is provided from our UR+ partners. It provide the button to record the waypoints as you push it.

Otherwise, you need to make your own push button connected to a digital input and then write some codes in a thread to record the current robot position once you push it.


Hello! I would like to make my own design. But i am new to coding and the whole UR Community and i cant find any similar solution online.

To be more clear i want to learn how to Script it and i can only find solutions to buy

Hi @gustav.flod,

with Script alone I do not see a way of implementing this functionality in an comfortable way.
A URCap provides more options achieving this.

To insert a Waypoint using the Digital IOs you need:

  • A URCap Parent Program Node starting a timer task. Potential Sample → MyDaemonSwing
  • In this task you would check for a change in the desired IO. Potential Sample → ManipulateIO
  • Insert on the desired change a waypoint in your program tree and configure it. Potential Sample → EllipseSwing & GetRobotData
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