How to set time for moveJ or moveL from socket in URP

I want to set time ,a,v and bend radius from socket in URP.
Can anyone help?

By this time I’m assuming you’ve seen the USscript manual and noticed both the moveJ & moveL have this capability. See command structure below:

movej(q, a=1.4, v=1.05, t=0, r=0)

t is defined as the time it takes (in seconds) to make the move, if t is set to zero it ignores this, otherwise if t is greater than 0 both the v and a parameter given are ignored.

r likewise works in the same way, if r is set to 0 this parameter is ignored (well… it’s probably used in the calculation but bc it’s 0 there’s no effect) if r is greater than 0 then you will get a radius. Warning: r is defined in METERS so divide by 1000 if necessary to get millimeters

Hope this helps and best of luck!

Thank you Michael !!!