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Move time estimate

Hey forum

I am trying to determinate the time my URCap takes to execute.
By using the distance between the points and the velocity in the given move I get a decent estimation of the time it takes to execute. But a reorientation of the tool is not covered by this.
MoveL is used when reorienting with a given speed in mm/s but how do I use this to the get the time it takes to reorient.

Given the degrees in Rx, Ry and Rz and the speed of moveL, how to find the time it takes to move the given degrees.
This is only meant as a rough estimate and a guide for the user.

Best Simon

Hi Simon,

Assuming this is something you wish to implement in URScript, then you can use the timer function native to URScript, more details of which can be found in the URScript manual which is available for download from UR’s website. If this is something you wish to implement at the Java level, then i suggest using the solution in this StackOverflow thread. I think i would need more specific information regarding your process to be any more specific. Hope this helps.


Thansk for replying

I wish to predict the time it takes to run my program containing multiple moveL, moveC and moveP.
This prediction must be calculated at java level before the program is run. I have as rough prediction of linear and circular moves using velocity and acceleration. But when the robot moves very little in X,Y,Z and reoients a lot in Rx, Ry, Rz I need to calculate the estimated time it takes to reoient the given degrees. The problem is I know the velocity in mm/s but moves in degrees. UR makes some conversion to rad/s but I cant find and replicate it. Again only as an estime.

Hope this clarifies the problem.

You can use the pose_dist method to get how far it’s actually moving including orientation then divide this by the speed of the move, it will get you close. Will not account for the acceleration and deceleration times.

Thank again for feedback

My problem is on JAVA level but I can get the “distance” in angel but this speed you speak of is unknown, the speed is given in mm/s and I need it in rad/s. Through test it seam like the ratio between the linear speed and rotational speed is linear.
If this ratio can be known this will solve my problem, I will try to estimate the ratio through tests.