Time Parameter movel/movej with blend radius

I’ve found a very strange behavior with the robot. When call a movej or movel command with a blend radius defined the robot somehow ignores the time parameter. I have function call looking sth. like this: movel(p[x,y,z,rx,ry,rz],r=0.05,t=5).
The point is definitely further away than the length of the blend radius, so the robot won’t delete my point in the trajectory (similar to moveJ time parameter ). When calling this function the robot moves fairly quickly to the desired point. Even with a blend radius of 0 it still is way faster than 5 seconds. If I leave the radius empty ( movel(p[x,y,z,rx,ry,rz],t=5) ) the robot will take the appropriate time to reach the destination.

Does anyone know why the robot behaves this way?

I believe in the URscript manual it states (in the description) for those commands that providing a “radius” value tells the robot to ignore the time value. I’m assuming this is because you will never reach the actual defined point. (Another good test might be to see if you get the same result using the move node in Polyscope and setting both the radius and time values then see if it gives the same result of skipping the time). Probably not the answer you are looking for but maybe try the movep() with an arc after your linear move, I don’t think this will provide a fluid move though as it will stop at the moveL point and then begin the moveP command.

Anyways sorry for the long response, but best of luck!