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moveJ time parameter

i am trying to have the robot follow a joint trajectory in a defined time. For this i have a number of moveJ commands with a certain blend radius and a certain time value as parameter. The way i have understood it, the robot would try to reach from point k-1 to k in the time specified within the moveJ command. However the time in which the trajectory gets executed seems to be not related to the times i have specified. For example if i have 100 Waypoints and each MoveJ has a time argument of 2 seconds i would expect the execution of the full trajectory to last somewhere around 200 secs. However it gets executed almost with full speed in less than a couple of seconds. What could be the reason for this behaviour?
My code in Urscript looks something like this:
def trajPlan():


Just curious. If you change it to moveL or moveP, does it give expected results?

If the distance between the waypoint is less than half the blend radius, the point may be skipped, since it does not make sense to reach it.
Hence, if your trajectory is densely sampled, then pay attention to your blend radius.
Maybe try to check the log tab after the move, and see if you receive any messages about skipped waypoints.