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How to see polyscope terminal in UR

Hello comunity,

We are developing a URCap and all its working in URSim, the problems comes when I install the URCap in the robot and Its not shoing eny error message, but also its not doing nothing, I cannot see anything in the robot screen, only polyscope or open other terminal, somebody knows if its possible to open/see the terminal/command line that runs polyscope in UR?

Thank you!


If I understood you well what you want it’s to see the same you see in the Virtual Machine.

See what it’s doing polyscope and be able to write some system.out.println() to debug where is the problem in your URCap.

To do that with the robot connect a keyboard to the usb port of the Teachpendat and click CTRL + ALT + F9.

You will see what it’s doing the polyscope and you will be able to see the prints of your URCap.

To go back to the normal Polyscope window click CTRL + ALT + F7

I supplement it. Use CTRL + ALT + F10 to check for internal server errors(primary, secondary, RTDE etc…).