Active Terminal in Polyscope 6

Does anyone know how to show the active terminal when deploying a CAP to the Polyscope 6 Simulator? Before, when you mvn installed the CAP, it put you directly into the terminal so you could see things like your System.outs and such. With the new Polyscope 6 sim, after deploying the CAP, you’re just left at the normal command line.

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I agree, I haven’t found a way of enabling this as of yet. You can see the mvn build terminal with the -v argument when building your URCap, but I haven’t found a way to see the active robot terminal either, which is something really important in debugging URCaps

I misclicked the “Stop” button on the ursim dev container, and in doing so, found that if you just click on the ursim container, it brings up the terminal!

And here you can see my System.outs where I printed the version:

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