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Can anyone provide a detail steps to install Robotiq UR Cap plug in into the UR Simulator?

Hi All,

I am very new to UR Cap and I want to learn the application planning with Robotiq using UR Simulator. Please help me with the installation.


Hi mpadhiya,

Have you seen this thread on the Robotiq forum? How to install Robotiq’s URCaps on URSim — DoF

You just need to place the UR-Cap-files in the “Programs URX” folder, belonging to the robot that you want to install it on, see attached picture.

Afterwards, you can go ahead and install it as you normally would by navigating to the Hamburger Menu in the upper right corner, Settings > System > URCaps.

If you are using a Virtual Machine to run your simulator, you can copy/paste the files directly from Windows to the programs folder, if you are using VMWare.

If you are using VirtualBox, you need to set up a shared folder in order to transfer the files from Windows to the Virtual Machine.

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