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How to detect if program is paused or stopped

I need to detect if program is stopped or paused and send this information to a operator panel via modbus tcp. Any suggestions?

Hi @ellingsen.harald

You can monitor the run state of a program using the dashboard server. A sample implementation of this can be found here, I beleive the RTDE can also be used, you should be able to find samples of this with a little bit of searching on here too.

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Are you wanting to know that information over modbus?

@mbush. Correct I want to get it and send it over modbus.

Now it seems from @sam.hilton’s answer I can either get it via RTDE or via Dashboard client. I guess this means I’ll have to develop a URCAP that get the program running state using Dashboard client or RTDE and sends this over to modbus TCP.

Do you care to know if its stopped or paused specifically or just want to know that the robot is not currently playing? That can be solved over modbus. If you want to know the specific state that it is in, i.e., paused, playing, stopped then that will need to be done via either RTDE or dashboard server.

Over modbus you can monitor a wide range of robot signals including not only the modbus IO but all of the IO on the robot so you could monitor some output that is configured to be high when running, low when not running or you could use a script command to do the same thing to a modbus coil. Don’t know if that would satisfy your requirements.

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@mbush Thanks a lot for your involvement. In the end I want to know the specific state, but for now I have limited time in the implementation and will use a bit like you are suggesting and set it to be high when running and low when stopped. I cannot then distinguish between pause and stop but that will have to be left for later.

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