Distinguish between pause and stop

I would like to request a future able to detect if the program is on pause or on stop. Currently, it can only set an output, if the program is “running”, “not running” ect. However “not running” is true for both stop and pause. It’s is impossible to distinguish between the two, at least not in an obvious way. This future would be very useful to e.g. indicate to the user with an LED if the program is on pause or stop. In many ways on extremely basic and useful feature, if remote control in employed.


Try checking out the Dashboard server (link here: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ur-support-site/42728/DashboardServer_e-Series.pdf)

You can request for programState and it will return STOPPED, PLAYING, or PAUSED

Agreed. Needed it too. Dashboard server works fine but that’s an extra implementation