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How does the PC cooperate with the robot controler to control the robot?

Hello, I learned on the forum that you can send location information to the robot controller to prevent jitter caused by command override. In this regard, I would like to ask a few questions:

  1. Do you mean the robot controller by Universal Robots teach pendant?
  2. How do PC and robot controller cooperate to complete robot control? The PC side sends the socket to the robot controller, how should the robot side be set?

Hello and welcome to the forum! Take a look at the guide below for an overview of remote control of the robot via PC:

This should provide some examples and strategies for both the PC and robot sides.

Thank you for your reply, and I still have a question to ask. I just started working with UR and there are problems with it.

I read the sample link you provided to understand some of the functions, but the link does not explain how to use 3_RobotPrograms.zip and 4_Python_code.zip. Do you want to unzip and load 3 to the teach pendant, and then run the example in 4 on the PC to complete the remote operation?

There is a PDF guide as part of that link that you’ll want to read through as it reviews each of the examples on the robot and PC side.

Yes, I have read the Remote Operation Guide_pdf file and found the method. Finally, thank you for your help