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Rookie here. How do I setup remote access/control to the UR10e so I can control it from a PC (on site/off site)?

I am looking to setup remote access/control so I can write and run a program from a PC, control other aspects while not necessarily being in the same location of the robot. However, multiple people will be accessing the robot from different locations at different times and so the plan is to hook up the robot to a PC workstation and then have any user access this workstation from wherever using cloud network. I am new to the cobot and networking concepts so please redirect me to any guides or tutorials. I’ve noticed that there are 3rd party software which can do this for a premium but would like to set it up first hand per management’s request.

To begin with, I would like to gain control from a PC that’s hooked up directly to the robot. Cloud connectivity comes next.

Help much appreciated. Thanks.

The connectivity between a PC and a UR cobot is done via TCP socket through the various protocols provided:

  • Primary interface: execute remote script and retrieve at 10Hz the main measurements of the robot (positions, IOs, safety, status, …)
  • Dashboard server : Sends commands to the robot (start program, …)
  • SSH : Transfer files, like programs to the robot
  • RTDE : same principle as Primary Interface but at higher frequency
  • XML-RPC : the robot makes requests to a server
  • Direct socket

These protocols are described here (attention, some features depend on the firmware) : Overview of client interfaces - 21744

You will have to use these protocols to communicate with your robot from your workstation. You can either use third party SCADA applications, or develop your own software including the low level communication layer You can also develop your software using a library that already implements these protocols, like this commercial SDK (you have a 30 days trial period) : https://underautomation.com

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Thanks for the reply @androidflorent. I am currently controlling the robot with VNC however I will go through the other options you mentioned to feed programs to the robot.