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How can I open the URsim in the starter Package?

hello everyone ,im new for Java and UR3 Robot.I have downloaded the latest package and start to learn how to make a Urcaps.but when i try to open start-ursim.sh,it always be this:

and i type o and like this:

how can i open it?

Start it with ./start-ursim.sh UR10 if you want it to start as an UR10

There is an urcap_tutorial.pdf on the virtual machine too, I would recommend you started by having a look at that. It will give you information about where things are located, and some information about what the different things do, and also how you create a new URCap.

You need to open it from a new terminal.

Create a terminal, and type:

cd /home/ur/ursim/ursim-

Then you are in the correct path. If you type then:


It will work :grinning:

I highly recommend if you’ve need more info to search how to manage a terminal in Linux. There’re a lot of tutorials and posts in Internet

thanks for ur Information,and i have try it and the result is below:

did i make something wrong?
beacause im new for Linux too

thanks for the Information,i will try it !

I think that you didn’t enter in the directory correctly. Pay attention, there’s a blank space or gap between cd and home:
cd /home/ur/ursim/ursim-

If you type a space between cd and home it will work

Check this link
Access directory Linux

finally it works!!thank you very much for your help!!!