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High Actual Execution time

I have an issue with my UR3e 5.10.2.
From time to time it freezes. The robot stops and teach doesnt react to any touch, emergency stop or power button.
I just realized that it happens only on robot where I have realy high actual exec time. It is about 1.2-1.5ms all the time.
Could it be the cause?
What can i do to lower this parameter?

There has been a software update released 5.11 that addresses bugs relating to memory leak issues which could leak to these Polyscope freezing behaviours. Download them here: Universal Robots - LATEST Polyscope Software Update - SW 5.11.0 - e-Series

I would still advise to take a look at your program, typically with large uses of textmsg functions that writes to log files at high frequency, or high number of variables created into the variable table could be causes of high execution time.

Thank you for your answer!
I just updated my robot. I hope it will help :wink:

I updated our UR3e to 5.11 and unfortunately today it stopped/freezed. Is there any bugfix planned?