Controller Freezing After Program Start

I’ve ran into an issue recently where after starting a program from the beginning the controller for the cobot freezes and needs to be restarted before it is usable again. The cobot will continue to run without issue unless it crashes or the e-stop is pressed. If one of those conditions occurs the robot will stop but we have no way to restart it without rebooting the controller. We have 2 main programs that we run and the issue only seems to occur on the longer more complicated one so I’m assuming its something in the program causing it to freeze. Within that program we have a number of variables being tracked and we are using the robotiq force copilot UR-cap as well. Has anyone else run into an issue like this and have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot it? We see it occur about 2/3 of the time when running that program right now.

I’ve seen something similar but I think it’s a different scenario. I have 2 UR10e’s here doing CNC machine tending. One of them is on a highly versatile setup where I have almost 2 dozen different parts I run, the other is currently limited to 3 different parts. The first one is the one that has the problem with slowing down, In my cases the controller went from a fraction of a second of response time to several seconds.

I believe it is because of all the back up files Polyscope creates when you click SAVE on any program because I don’t really have the issue on the 2nd robot.

Usually a reboot solves the problem.

UR has tools they can use to read through your programs and find issues like accel/decel that is outside the recommended limits and other things. Maybe you could send your program to them for analysis.

You may want to try.

Uninstalling the URCap(s).
Updating the robot to latest software version
Download and install latest URCap

Incompatible versions can sometimes cause freezing.