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Java versions used by PolyScope

Is there a way of finding out exactly which versions of Java a version of PolyScope uses? from this topic it seems CB3’s run java 6 while the e-series run java 8. What about the simulators, what version do they run, and is there any way of changing the version used by either the simulators or a real robot?

Does this article help?
Compatibility chart and robot generations

URCaps are generally based on Java 6, since this is required for URCaps to execute on CB3, where only Java 6 is available.
PolyScope on e-Series is using Java 8. URSim are basically the same artifact as PolyScope on the real robot, so they use the same Java version.

The URCaps Starter Package uses OpenJDK 8 to support both URSim generations.

I ask because the error that I get in this post only occurs on the real robot and not on a simulator, and I suspect its because the simulator uses a version of java for which this bug was fixed.

I.e. in the URCaps Starter Package, OpenJDK 8 is installed.
Thus this JVM is executing PolyScope, and will allow using Java 8 classes.
However on the physical CB3 robot, only OpenJDK 6 is available, why you cannot use i.e. Java 7 or 8 classes on the robot.

Is there any way of updating the version of java used by a physical robot? Or does it remain fixed unless updated with a version of polyscope?

No, this is not suggested nor supported.
We have not verified functionality of the robots after such an upgrade.

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