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URCap works on a CB3.1, but not on an e-series

The cap I’m currently working loads up fine on a CB3.1 simulator, but when i try and run it on the e-series simulator, under settings/system/urcaps, the cap has a yellow warning triangle instead of the usual green tick, and doesn’t appear as a URCap when programming the robot.
I am using identical versions of the cap on both robots, so I’m confused as to what is going on, is there some java that cant be used on an e-series that can be used on a CB3.1? Thanks in advance

What version of the API and respective PolyScope versions are you using?
Could the e-Series be running a lower “equivalent version” than the CB3 robot?

Check out this article on compatibility.

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This was indeed the problem, my cap is built on SDK 1.4, but i was trying to deploy it on a simulation of a robot running 5.0, the equivalent software from 1.3.
I downloaded 5.2 and it deploys just fine. Thanks

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