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Child node function call


So my question is basically is there a way to call a child node’s function from the parent node.

In the URCapApi there’s a way to get a list of the children of a node. There’s also a function called getProgramNode() but that returns an interface type “ProgramNode” which has no functions. There’s also an interface called URCapProgramNode but that’s also empty.
Is there any way to cast this ProgramNode into something useful?
If we could somehow get the node contribution object we could call its public functions.
This would allow us to use nodes only to store data, like a waypoint, or to set up a node’s state from the parent, which would be more convenient in some cases.

Thank you!

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I second this question.

Are you referring to the functionality shown in e.g. the Ellipse example in the SDK?
Here a URCap Parent node uses the structure builder to populate the sub-tree, and then uses the Node Configurator to configure these nodes.

Maybe the document in the SDK “program_node_configuration” could help as well.