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Get Local/Remote Mode of robot via Primary/Secondary or RTDE interface


I simply want to know via the Primary/Secondary or RTDE Interface, if the Robot is in remote or local mode.

I do get a connection-abort if the robot switches from remote to local → which is okay, but it is not happening in the other direction (local → remote) Therefore I do not know in which state the robot is.

Is there any posibility to get the information vai any interface available at the robot? I mean, the teachpendand is showing the local/remote state, where is is getting the information?


Hi Michael,

Welcome to the forum.

If you have an e-Series robot, running Software version 5.6 or higher then you can use the the dashboard server.

Look for the command “is in remote control


Thank you.

i tested it, and is working.

i found also the following thread, describing the issue. sorry, i haven’t found them, or misread them:

Never the less, a flag with RTDE or Primary-Interface would be nice. Now I have to poll the robot to know what is happening.