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Is the local/remote setting information available on the secondary client interface?

As the topic says. Is there a way to get to know via the secondary client interface if the robot is in local mode or remote mode? There seems to be no error feedback in read only mode if a script is send to the controller. That would make our software assume that the script was executed successfully.

It doesnt appear to be fetchable from the secondary client interface. Fortunately it is information that you can fetch from the dashboard server, Connecting to the dashboard server is a simple as connecting to the secondary interface, its just on a different port. If your implementation is oart of a URCap, you can find a dashboard implementation in this sample.

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Thank you, that works.
I think that this information should be available on the Primary/Secondary Interface because it has a major impact on the robot behavior.

Has the dashboard server a timeout after that it disconnects if there is no communication?

How the connection times out when initialising the socket in java will depend entirely on your implementation. I don’t beleive the connection times out if there is no communication after a certain amount of time, if there is, you could always jsut reinitialise the connection.