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Add get method to dashboard server for remote/local and auto/manual modes

It would be very handy if we had methods on the dashboard server for getting the current operational modes of the robot, i.e, is it in Auto or Manual mode and is it in Local or Remote control. When we are troubleshooting robots remotely it is very beneficial to know what mode someone has the robot in so that we can better assist with their issue.


This is noted, thank you @mbush

For a work around you could poll the read only ports 30011, 30012, and 30013.

What would we be polling for? We already listen to RTE and RTDE for data streams.

I thought you were denied access due to remote operation. Hopefully we will provide a solution in near future.

Check out the release notes for PolyScope 5.6 and 3.12.
This has been implemented.

Hi, is the local/remote status also available through RTDE? I couldn’t find it (we are already reading RTDE data, so additional polling of the dashboard port wouldn’t be too elegant).