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Get JointPoisitions from FeaturePoint


I am very green in Java and also the UR API. Is there a API call that can get JointPositions object from FeaturePoint object? I have followed the example of createfeatureswing; instead of creating user defined robot position, the UI will let user to choose FeaturePoint from installation.Features via a dropdown. However I got stuck with addWaypoints as FixedPositionDefinedWaypointNodeConfig requires JoiintPositions from the FeaturePoint selected.

Appreciated if anyone could kindly point a direction on how this could be achieved.

Have a nice day.

Features are pure poses, not even QNear exists for them. See: FeatureContributionModel in the API.
FixedWaypoints need a QNear to work, but what you could do is to create a variable waypoint that uses the feature, if you don’t care about the QNear. Then the program will use the current JointPositions as QNear to move to that pose.
Not entirely sure how to reference to a feature, but a workaround would be to get the Features Pose, and just set that as a GlobalVariable that the VariableWaypoint would be using. Ofc if the operator then changes the feature, the waypoint won’t be updated.

If you would like to get the QNear from a FixedWaypoint, that is not possible right now either, as far as I know. But you could go an like this post of mine to help me make it happen :slight_smile: