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Folder node can be placed in parallel with MainProgram

Folder node can be placed in parallel with MainProgram.
Is there any purpose for this?

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It seems to do nothing. In the script file generated when saving the program there is no sign of nodes inserted in those folders. Maybe it is only a place to keep unused nodes, instead of commenting them.

I have used it before when writing long programs, to store sections of code that I will need to paste into various places as im programming

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It provides a clean way to label chunks of code (like cases which can’t be renamed), and the best way to copy and paste complete sections of code

This feature/bug is not anymore available in 5.10.

From the release notes:

  • Fixed issue where it was possible to add a Folder node at the top level in the Program Tree (i.e. at the same level as the Robot Program root node). Now, when the Robot Program root node is selected in the Program Tree and a new Folder node is added, the new Folder node will automatically be inserted under the Robot Program node.
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Thank you for your useful information.
I have to be careful to use folder node on latest version of polyscope.