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Filename Problem when Importing Gcode

When I import G-code into installation tab URcap regular TCP then some G-code import and some are not. Also UR does not show any error notification.
How much line limit of G-code line URe accept?

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Would you mind sharing your G-code files here so that others can help you debug?

The file type .nc is not supporting so click on the below link for all attached files and details.

Thank you for sharing the G-code files.

We were able to load the original G-code file onto our robot successfully.

Would you mind sharing your program and installation files as well? I sent you a private message with my email address.

@xshokkumar23 What SW did you use to produce the G-code? Was it Inkscape?

We are using fusion 360 CAD software for generating toolpath.
Inkscape can not generate toolpath with .nc extension.

Would you mind removing all the spaces in the file name and try again?

Now it’s working fine.

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