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"Feature is out of reach"

Hello guys,

I’ve got a problem while manually moving features. We are using a feature for a dispensing process, on that feature we have created a reference point that we can use the adjust the position of the plane.
The purpose of this is, no matter how much our mounting is changing or how much tolerance the needle has we can always adjust the feature so that the needle points exactly at the reference point.
This kind of adjustment is always going to be within an absolute maximum of 10mm (which would already be very high).
The adjusting happens with respect to the feature itself, meaning, when the needle is 5mm off I would move the feature with respect to itself 5mm.
This is where the actually issue is coming in. No matter how tiny or huge the value is that I enter Polyscope always says “Feature is out of reach” even when its clearly not.

Is anyone able to spot what I might be doing wrong or might this even be a bug?

It looks like it might be a bug that the message is being displayed. But I don’t think it has any negative consequences.

Unfortunately it has consequences as it doesn’t move the feature. To confirm this i created two exactly similar features but offset one by 5mm. I then looked into the .script file and saw that both features had exactly the poses (up to the 4th digit).

In this also checks out with robot behaviour, because every time I want to move the robot to the to the reference point via the “move here” button it just stays in the same position no matter how much I offset the feature.

It becomes even more weird when you look at the live data in the move screen. There you can see the (x, y, z, rx, ry, rz) position that the robot should be at (with the offset). Might that be an indicator for what I’am doing wrong?

How are you applying the offset? Are you using your own URCap and applying it from java side? Or at a script level when the program is running?

I was trying to do it in directly in Polyscope. It worked on script level.

However, I did manage to find the issue as it was simply a software bug which was fixed in 5.11.X.X.