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Feature Issues Below Robot Frame Origin

Hi All,

I am having issues with Depalletizing movements for a Feature taught at a Z-Axis position which is less than the Base Feature. I have had this issue before, and worked around it by performing the Depalletizing operation via the Base Feature and teaching all points as a function of the Base Feature.

In the Installation → Features tab, Polyscope states “Feature is unreachable” for the Feature that I would like to use as my depalletizing reference frame. However, the coordinates were reachable when teaching the Feature and if I step through the lowest level “Approach”, “Tool Action Point”, “Exit” positions, there is no issue.

When I go to run, it seems that the Generated Movements are being calculated in error as the TCP moves parallel to the Feature, not perpendicular. I’m pretty confident that my Feature’s axis orientation is correct for the Pose math that would be taking place in the Generated Movement section. Of note, I depalletizing trays by using the Irregular Pattern with only one “Item” per “Layer”.

I am doing palletizing/depalletizing elsewhere above the Robot Base origin and have no issues.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!



This seems to be a similar problem to: