Moving program to a different robot - offset


I have 2 CB3 machines running dispensing applications. I have programs on one that I want to move to the other, and vise versa. The machines are attached to a table in which we can attach various fixtures to depending on what we are gluing. When I load a program from Robot A onto Robot B, there is an offset of about 0.3" in the X axis and 0.1" in the Y axis.

Is there some sort of routine or script that I can run to adjust all the waypoints? My program is made entirely in the polyscope application and doesn’t use scripts or alternative programming methods. I feel like there should be something relatively simple to tweak all the way points the same amount.


does some have any updates about this topic?

I am really interested in it since i am now facing a similar problem

Can you not just adjust the Plane that you used to teach the positions in to bring it back in line?

IF you setup the waypoints relative to a taught plane, is as simple as touching up the plane feature.

If not, and the positions are relative to base (default ) then its more difficult. You might be able to modify the EOAT centerpoint as the offset but i’m not sure if that would even work

Did anyone manage to find a solution for this ? I am also trying to shift the base (default) plane.

If you know the exact offset, the suggestions given in this thread are sufficient.

Simply create a new feature plane that differs from the base by that offset and then, everytime the program is run in the other machine, change all MoveJ, MoveL and MoveP nodes to use the feature instead of Base.

Create a new plane feature:

Click on edit and insert the desired offset in the top right boxes, then save the feature plane:

When needed, swap between Base and your new Plane inside every Move node of the program:

If the program has been written with this possibility in mind it should work right away, otherwise it might be needed to fix some waypoints of the program…

Note that if the offset is unknown or variable this becomes a much more difficult problem, especially if there should be no programming involved.

Anyways, hope it helped!

Expanding on this - if the program is set up with all the waypoints relative to Plane_1 from the beginning, then a quick adjustment to the plane feature will move all the waypoints at once, rather than changing all the move commands individually.
When in the Edit mode as shown in the 2nd screenshot above, select Plane_1 from the Feature drop-down menu. All the values will be zero, as the plane is referencing itself.
Adjust the X and Y values (or others, depending on the situation) to move the affected waypoints.
I do this occasionally for the pickup point when our camera drifts a bit - I locate the part at 0,0 using the robot gripper, then see where the camera thinks it is. Shift the zero point for the plane in the negative x and y direction and now I’m recalibrated.
Usually takes a couple tries to get the direction right.
Faster than pulling out the calibration template for the camera and going through the full calibration/teach plane process.

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