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Weird Offset Problem

I have a CB3 running polyscope 3.14.3. For this application, it dispenses glue onto a bunch of parts and we’ve had no problems in the last 2 weeks, which is when we finished the program and started using it. Yesterday, all the waypoints were shifted about 5mm to the left. Even the plane that we had set up had it’s origin point shifted to the left as well.

We rebooted the machine, reinitialized, all that stuff and couldn’t find the problem. The person that does all the waypoints shifted them all over to the right about 5mm to be in the correct positions and we ran it all day like that.

Of course, this morning, everything is now shifted to the right. I checked the origin of the plane, and now it’s dead on. For some reason, it shifted back to the original, so now everything is 5mm off to the right.

I can’t find any reason for this. The table is nice and rigid, none of the joints have any play in them.

Has anyone experienced this? Potential bug in polyscope?

Hi @nnaylor,

I have no knowledge of a bug like that. An un noticed shift of the TCP could give you symptoms like that.

For a tip you can make all movements with the respect to a installation defined Feature. In that you you can apply an offset like that within seconds.

I have seen this behaviour a couple of times during development exactly as you describe it. I found a simple reboot of the system brings back the original waypoint values. Annoying yes, but easily fixed.

we have also observed this behavior on a UR10 e-Series. After shutting down the robot, the waypoints had an odd offset and ruined a customer’s production for half a day. It was fine when they left it running for over a year.

Last month we’ve sent the Robot to DK for Inspection but the warranty was rejected…

Did they at least determine what the problem was?