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Set a feature with unreachable pose

Hi all,

Is it possible to add a Feature out of a reachable position ? The goal here is to make a waypoint relative to a point that is not necessarily reachable by the arm (rotate the base frame around Z for exemple). The robot cannot reach it so it is not possible to save the Feature.

Thank you very much !

Consider placing a Feature within reach of the robot, but with same coordinate axis directions as the one you need out of reach.
In your BeforeStart sequence, you can then offset the feature in e.g. the Y-direction, and use this feature for offsetting,

I think it will be interesting to be able to add a Feature out of reach but prompt the user that this waypoint is out of reach. That way we will be able to add common frame to several robot and make movement relative to those frame. It will be easier to program. What do you think @jbm ?

Thank you !

As a temporary solution you could try some large TCP offsets to allow you to save a feature outside of the normal working area of the robot? You can set up to 500mm offsets, but it will be a pain to manipulate :slight_smile:

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It will work thank you :slight_smile: Little bit painful though haha

This was solved in Polyscope 5.9!