Extended I/O's and Priority of the commands

Hello Everyone,

Currently I’m programing the robot (UR10e) to Pick up and Place. We have several spots to pick up and place the item. Thus, internal I/O’s aren’t enough for programming.

Can you please recommend me which devices or interfaces can I use to extract commands? What is the way to get commands from API?

Also, is there possibility to send to the robot several commands and robot to define priority of them?

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking to expand the IO count? If so, the easiest is to use modbus IO devices. The easiest I’ve worked with is the TBEN series from Turck. Once setup, you access modbus IO the same way you access the built-in digital IO. One downside of modbus is there is a bit of latency so they are great for signals that do not change rapidly such as proximity switches and such but I’d limit any high speed switching signals to the internal IO and use modbus for signals where a few hundred milliseconds of delays doesn’t matter.

Thanks for the answer.

Can you also tell me, if there is possibility to change the program during working? For example, To generate new waypoints, payload and so on?

If you mean can you programatically change the payload during program execution the answer is yes, and you should be doing that anytime the payload changes ie picking or placing a part. You can do this with Polyscope commands in the Set command for instance or using script commands

Also, you can programatically change waypoints using script commands to alter where they are being executed at, for instance picking from a tray of parts, you could use script commands to change where you are in the tray using a variable and then go to that newly calculated waypoint.

One more question, As far as I read on the forum and in the articles, I can write the script for the robot and URCap will help me to open it in the robot. Is URCap supported for windows?