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Error message "SYSTEM 3PE Stop" with standard standard control panel

Our Cobot UR10e has the error message “SYSTEM 3PE Stop”, which is shown in the error message attachment.

For me it follows from the error message that the cobot requires an operation of the additional buttons of a 3PE Teach Pendant.
However, we have the standard control panel and on it is only the button of the freedrive and on/off.

Switching on the cobot works as usual via the power button.
But then the Cobot can not release the brakes, because as shown in the appendix “Error message” the start button can not be pressed.
Accordingly, no program can be started and the activation of the Freedrive is not possible.

The error message occurred when I connected push buttons with the digital inputs/outputs.

How can I solve that Problem?

The following troubleshooting measures I have already done:

  • Reboot the Cobot UR10e
  • Remove any external connected hardware
  • Disconnect UR10e from power supply
  • Change the control panel in the settings (default 3PE Teach Pendant; 3PE Teach Pendant Standard)


When setting up your IO’s, did you configure any of them to be 3-position safety switches? If you have any of them configured this way, both channels must have a HI signal to operate the robot.

I’ve attached a couple photos showing what the installation tab and IO tab would look like if a 3-position switch is configured.

3 Position Safety IO Screen

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Hello miwa,

thank you for your proposed solution.

The installation Input Signals were wrong assigned.
Now the URe 10 works like normal.