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Error in MyDamonSwing

Good Morning from Mexico, Good Afterrnoon in Europe

Can someone tell me why I had got this error

Thanks in advance

Ignacio Quijas

I am sorry for my bad english languaje, I will Try to explain the better I can in this post end futher

The error has gone but
Now I have another failure
MyDaemon Swing can not start

Chek tha following image


The first error is related to the fact that the RPC Daemon was not started.
To be able to start the Daemon you have to run the Polyscope software with super user rights. That means you have to write the following command in terminal -> sudo ./ursim-x.xx.sh.
NOTE: When you start the Polyscope with su rights the programs directory changes to root. So you will have to create a programs directory in the filesystem root and copy your robot programs over there so you can use them.

Thanks David
I will try this tip

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