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Does installing our own URCap affect the warrant?

When communicating with the robot we would prefer to use a secure and authorized connection for this. The messages received, will contain instructions in a JSON format. Authorization will be done using OAuth2. Now the idea is to write a URCap that implements those functionalities.

When testing our own URCap it will not be a certified URCap, so how does this affect the warranty of the robot? Does a URCap have to be officially certified by UR, before it can be distributed to real robots?

I would like to bump this topic up and extend the question, since I’m not sure if OP is asking the same thing. I’m working a URCap that will only function as a program node, not concerning any outside communication. We would then like to have this URCap used in a program that we distribute to clients (to be clear, we do all the programming and integrate the cobot). Would that also affect the warranty?