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Prevent Unauthorized CAP Distribution

Say I sell a robot with Version 1.0 of a custom CAP. I make updates and now have a version 2.0. How can I provide this update to the customer without them being able to utilize the CAP on other robots/redistribute it themselves? Is there an example/tutorial I missed?

On which scale?
if its a true custom solutions aka only on one robot, the easiest would be to hard code the serial nummer of the robot it is gonna be used on into the code and simply check if the robot its right robot somewhere…

This suffers from a bunch of problems though:
for one it not really scalable, if you are gonna sell a lot its really gonna become a hassle to get a software developer to hard code the serial number somewhere every time.
It also extremely easialy hackable using a java decompilere, for a person with a basic understanding of programming.

Other soltions would be something like a security dongle, or implementing some sort of encrypted licensensing file. still hackable but would require much more coding expertise.

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It would be required to be scalable. My use case would be on a standard product that we sell, and have currently sold several. I’m not too concerned with making the thing 100% un-hackable, I’m just after something better than emailing the CAP to people haha.

Can you point me in the right direction as far as implementing a license file? Even if it’s just a few specific key works that I can Google to get started.

You could use something like this to create and load an encrypted file.

The file could as an example contain the serial number of the robot, as well as other information.
There really isn’t a set solution here so you just have to be creative…