Difference between programState and running (dashboard server)


I am trying to understand what the precise meaning of the value returned by programState, especially as it compares to what running returns when queried on the dashboard server.

I suspected that maybe running returns true iff programState == "PLAYING" but this seems to be false. In particular when I send a urscript running returns true while programState returns “STOPPED”. On the pendant the program (unnamed) clearly shows a status of RUNNING.

Relevant documentation: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ur-support-site/42728/DashboardServer_e-Series.pdf (this is for UR5e).

Any help appreciated

I ran into the same thing yesterday.
What I saw is that the Status changes to “Running” when executing URScript code, which can be either from the current loaded program, or from commands sent through the secondary interface on the 30002 port.
That means that programState == "PLAYING" when the robot is executing a loaded program and it will be "STOPPED" with ProgramRunning == True when executing commands from the 30002 interface.