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Differences between Fault and Violation

Hello everybody,

I have been through the user manual several times and I still do not get when a Fault or Violation is triggered. Could someone give a clarification, that is, what causes a Fault or Violation?

Of course, I know that these kind of errors are not usually expected during normal functioning of the robot.

Eventually, correct me on this if I am missing something (getting this from the client interface excel):

  • SAFETY_STATUS_ROBOT_EMERGENCY_STOP: when the emergency button on the teach pendan is pressed

  • SAFETY_STATUS_SYSTEM_EMERGENCY_STOP. when an alternative emergency button (or signal) configured on inputs is pressed

Thanks in advance,

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Violation is if the robot exceeds the limits in the safety system. I.e. moving too fast, or moving beyond limits of a safety plane.
Fault is an error condition discovered by the safety system, i.e. that a redundant safety signal is not agreeing (both lines are not either high/low) or eg. that a component is not responding fast enough/package loss.

You are correct with respect to the Emergency Stop signals.