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Difference between protective stop and safeguard stop

protective stop vs. safeguard stop
Robot Emergency stop vs. System Emergency stop


  • a safeguard stop is a stop triggered by a safety hardware which pauses the robot program execution and is set to a digital config in
  • a protective stop is (mostly) a stop caused by the robot software for e.g. Hardware protection, limited joint angles or speed limits.
  • a system emergency stop is a emergency stop triggered by an external (2-channel) emergency stop button from a digital config In
  • the robot emergency stop is triggered by the 2-Channel digital Emergency In or the emergency button on the UR pendant.

For further information, consider the manual

Sorry, I didn’t find detail information in the manual.

There are also SAFETY_MODE_VIOLATION and SAFETY_MODE_FAULT which seems to conflict with SAFETY_MODE_PROTECTIVE_STOP as you explained.